Railway Lines

These were identified as a potential event hazard as some riders have fallen on tracks in other events. Over the years the railway tracks have been improved to the stage that we don't need to have boards across the railway lines and at Taramakau Bridge. We will put down a couple of speed humps for those that don't want to ride over the railway lines.

The development work that has been carried out on the Taramakau Bridge is exceptional and shouldn't cause a problem for any riders.

There are three sets of railway lines around the course now: 

  • Taramakau road/rail bridge (15 km from start) speed humps will be used although these are optional. 
  • Inchbonnie – 4 km past Inchbonnie teams changeover (with the development of the crossing no boards are now required)
  • Kotoku – 4.5 km past Moana (with the development of the crossing no boards are now required)

Crossings have previously had boards laid over the tracks and in 2015 we introduced speed humps for riders to ride over and are optional.

The speed humps are only placed at the entry to and exit from the Taramakau bridge. This enables riders to cross the railway lines and select their chosen lane for the full length of the bridge.                 


Safety - Taramakau Road/rail Bridge

There are three lanes to use:

  • In the middle between the railway lines which is the smoothest and we recommend using this lane
  • Outside the railway lines which is the rougher surface but still good enough to ride

You need to decide before you get to the Taramakau Bridge which lane you have chosen. Please, no passing on the Taramakau Bridge.