Around Brunner Cycle Ride 


Saturday 28 April 2018

2018 will see Around Brunner move back to an April event following 4-years being staged in January.  Feedback from riders was that they felt that the event was too early in the year as a January event and better to held at the end of the Summer season after competing in other events as a build up to this Iconic Event.

Following this we're asking for commitment from all competitors and ask that this commitment can be made to Around Brunner by 28th February 2018. if we have 300 entrance by that date then the event will be held on Saturday 28 April 2018.

Both the Around Brunner 130km and Enduro 260km will be held.

This fantastic event is in its 12th year and an Iconic West Coast event that we want to keep on the cycling calendar.

Please commit by 28 February with your entry.  $1.00 will be debited as a commitment and the remaining Early Bird Entry of $98.00 will be debited in the first week of March 2018.

Carol and John Moore
CJM'S Events Ltd

Around Brunner started as a 130km sealed circuit cycle ride taking you through some of the most stunning scenery the West Coast of New Zealand has to offer. In 2015 the Enduro, 2 laps of the traditional ride being 260km was introduced.

Two events

  • Around Brunner 130km
  • Around Brunner Enduro 260km