Around Brunner Cycle Ride 

Saturday 1st May 2021

Training Guide 

Training is teaching your body what you expect it to experience on the day of Around Brunner.

Time is an issue for everyone. How do you fit training in around family and work commitments, plus your lifestyle constraints?

Numerous training programmes have been documented. However, the key to training is pushing yourself just a little bit at a time past your current limits, then allowing for some recovery so your body is ready for the next ride, is widely accepted.

To begin with, you are working on general cycling fitness, such as a gentle 10 to 30km ride on your bike. Closer to the event, you will focus more on completing longer rides.

If you do not have the time to ride most days, don’t panic, as some training is better than none. Whatever you do, don’t try and make up for missed training by doing extra miles the next day. This is a common mistake, you will only make yourself over-tired. Likewise, if you are feeling unwell, or extremely tired, then it is best to have a day off rather than train.