Race Brief - 2018


Welcome to Around Brunner:
This race is a great ride.  It starts and finishes outside Monteith’s Brewery like all good events should on the West Coast. 

Safety is paramount to us; we request you read this information before you start the event.  We don’t want anyone starting the ride without having read this brief.  If you haven’t, you’re not only risking yourself, but other riders. There are two events this year.

Line up in the appropriate area based on your own estimated finish time.  All competitors for Around Brunner will start together, fastest riders at the front, slowest riders at the back.

Race brief will be at 8.45am for Around Brunner entrants.  All riders must be present; if you’re not present you will not start. First team riders are to be present for this Race Brief; second leg riders will receive their Race Brief at Inchbonnie at 9.30am.

Race starts 9.00am.

Team riders will start with individuals and you should start in your estimated finish time.  

At race registration you will receive a transponder.  Please place this on one of the rails on your seat at the back.  We require these on the seatpost.  DO NOT put it anywhere else as they have to be in the same place for everyone and if you put it somewhere else you will jeopardize your time and placing.  If you think you can use your normal transponder from other cycling races, you are wrong; our system will not pick them up.

No transponder on NO TIME!!!!  

Race Numbers:
Race numbers are to be placed on your seat post and each side of your helmet and one at the front of your helmet. NO NUMBER on helmet NO START!  This is required to confirm placing’s via video finish and transponder timing.  It is not for media.

Team Riders; will receive 2 numbers the odd number is what the second leg rider crossing the finish line should be wearing.

All second leg riders and support crew members to depart from Greymouth before 8.30am.  Absolutely no exceptions, your race brief is at 9.30am at Inchbonnie.  

Taramakau Bridge crossing:
With the development of the new bridge, this will not be finished until late 2018.  There is considerable road works happening on both sides of the bridge and we request that care be taken when coming on to the bridge and coming off the bridge.  This Race Brief will be updated prior tot he event and we ask that you revert back to this prior to the race.  You will be provided with more information about the bridge in your race packs.

While this has been upgraded substantially at the entrance and exit of the bridge and railway line, care must be taken when entering and exiting the bridge and crossing the railway lines.  This is for yours and other riders safety.  

 Please be careful and respect your fellow riders.

Other one Lane Bridge Crossings:
We have Stop/Go controls on these but treat them with normal road rules and give way where appropriate.

Railway Crossings:
On railway crossings this year there are warning Bells on each crossing.  The crossings have been upgraded over the years although care must be taken when crossing these. 

Yes; if you hear bells ringing stop to let a train cross, trains are running throughout the day so please take care.

When you reach Inchbonnie continue straight as per the signs. Obey the marshals. You have to remove your transponder and have your team mate put it on the railing of their seat before they remove their bike from the bike racks, then your team member is to continue on the ride.

Please Note:
The roundabout off Smith St to Lord St is narrow and sharp.  While marshals are at the roundabout with Stop/Go signs, watch for traffic.  Herbert Street is closed.  Take care on this turn also. 

If emergency services need to get through they will have priority.

The Enduro ride will start at 5:00am from outside Monteiths, you are to be at Monteiths by 4:45am for a briefing.  All Enduro riders to have front and rear lights on their bikes and to be self-supporting for the event.  This is spare tubes and being able to change tyres by yourself. 

Enduro riders are to have a mobile phone with them throughout the ride to be able to call for help if required.  We appreciate that for some of the ride cell phone contact is unavailable but with starting at 5:00am this gives you the opportunity to have the first lap finished before the 130km Around Brunner starts at 9:00am and for the riders to be amongst this field of riders for support.

An Official Car will travel with the Enduro riders through to Kumara on the first lap.

You will be issued with a transponder at race registration.  The transponder is to be put on the railings of your seat. At the end of the race please hand your Transponder in at bar at Monteith's and you will receive a beer for it in return.  If you don’t hand your transponder back you will be issued with a $50 invoice for it.  Please enjoy your Monteith's when you hand in your transponder. 

Prize Giving:
Prize giving will be at The Theatre on the corner of Herbert and MacKay Street at 5:00pm. A bar will be open at the Theatre where you can enjoy a drink and tell a tale or two.

DO NOT cross the center line, anyone crossing the center line WILL be DISQUALIFIED.

Treat all roads and bridges as open. 

Please support our major sponsors Monteiths, The Ashley Hotel Greymouth, Finesse Finance.

Safe cycling and see you all on the start line.

John Moore
Race Director
CJM’S Events Limited